PM Modi announces 21 days complete lockdown throughout India

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PM Modi in a press conference have announced 21 days complete lockdown throughout India. He quoted report of WHO that even if a person is positive of coronavirus, it takes 5-14 days to realize the same. He also quoted one person is enough to contaminate a district or a country.

In wake of unstoppable capacity of coronavirus and the rate of its communicability and evolving capacity PM Modi has announced that Indian should follow complete lockdown for 21 days. It could have the country alone.

To note, life if coronavirus without its host is 12-14 hours. If no person meets one another for these 12-14 hours, the spread of COVID-19 can be controlled but to stop it, there should be complete lockdown.

This is the time to stay strong, stay patient, and save oneselves and other. PM quoted to respect those who is there for you, irrespective of danger they are going through, to save you and the nation. He asked the nation to pray for workers, doctors, para-medicals, police, army, media who is working 14*7 for the nation.

PM Modi thanked to all the state government for their cooperation and being united for the cause. To fight highly communicable deadly disease PM Modi also announces relief fund of 15,000 Crore for health and improvement of infrastructure.