Coronavirus COVID-19 Updates: Punishment for disobedience to the order of lockdown in India

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There have been speculations of 649 cases and 13 death due to deadly outbreak of coronavirus uptill now. The government announced complete lockdown of 21 days to stop or at least to slow down the spread of deadly disease.

The government has also made certain guidelines and punishment under for the proper regulation and execution of the plans to stop spread of deadly disease.



Obstruction of Guidelines

1 year imprisonment or fine (S. 51 of DMA, 2005)

Disobedience to the order of lockdown

One month or fine of 200 INR

Causes Public disorder, riot etc

May extent upto 6 months

Refusal to comply with directions results in loss of lives or imminent danger

Punishment extends to 2 years with fine

Spreading Rumous

1 year with Fine

Misappropriation of funds

Upto 2 years with fine


The rules to save people from sudden and unstoppable spread of this deadly disease has been derived from Epidemic Diseases Act 1897 and punishment for proper execution are being enlisted under Disaster Management Act, 2005.

It has also been announced that not more than 20 people are permitted during funeral.

Essential services as defined under the Essential Commodities Act, 1955 will be active and manufacturing and distribution of the same will not be curtailed. So, Into Legal World requests it’s readers not to be panic of the situation.