Final Year Student appear for Online examination order by Bar council of India put on Hold by Legal Education Committee

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Bar Council of India's previous order dated 27 may that only final year students to appear for online examination  put on hold by the legal education committees which is headed by former Supreme court Judge AP Mishra.
In the view of the pandemic situation  COVID, 19 Earlier the Maharashtra government had decided to cancel all the final year exams and promote every student on the basis of the previous nine semester Marks. 
The Bar Council of India's guidelines were passed keeping in mind the resolution passed by UGC on 27th May. In view of the ongoing pandemic, BCI has stated that the examination of students has been a concern to colleges and universities all over the country.

Following the UGC Guidelines, the BCI has come to the following conclusions:
For Final Year Students (3rd and 5th Year)
Online examinations have been allowed with permission to Universities to adopt an alternative strategy for students unable to avail the same. If the students are unable to attend online exams, the universities provide a separate procedure for those students 
All the Universities and law colleges should maintain Social distancing, Sanitizing in the campus to make sure the safety of the students and Bar council  of India clearly stated all the universities and law colleges that the safety of the students is not compromised at any cost
The legal education committee put on hold the previous order of the BCI.