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Course Overview The Certificate Course on Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) offers a comprehensive understanding of the regulatory framework that governs the real estate sector. It equips participants with practical knowledge and skills to navigate through the complexities of RERA compliance, enabling them to contribute to ethical and legally sound industry practices. Course Objectives Gain familiarity with the key provisions and regulations under RERA. Develop practical knowledge to ensure compliance with RERA requirements. Examine case studies and real-world examples to illustrate the application of RERA principles. Acquire the skills to navigate RERA-related challenges and opportunities in the real estate sector. Combination of Courses Clubbed with Certificate Course on RERA Certificate on Real Estate Laws: This course provides a comprehensive understanding of real estate law, including property rights, land use regulations, contracts, leasing, and real estate transactions. It complements the knowledge gained from RERA by offering a broader perspective on legal aspects relevant to the real estate industry. Certificate on Construction Law and Finance: A course in construction law focuses on legal issues related to construction projects, such as contract law, construction contracts, dispute resolution, liens, and regulatory compliance. This complements RERA by addressing legal aspects specific to construction activities within the real estate sector. Certificate on Property Law and Conveyancing: This course delves into property law principles, including the transfer of property, title searches, land registration, easements, and encumbrances. It provides essential knowledge for lawyers involved in real estate transactions and property disputes, enhancing their understanding of legal issues beyond RERA compliance. Certificate on Real Estate Finance and Investment Law: Understanding the financial aspects of real estate transactions is crucial for lawyers advis

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