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Certificate Course on Practice and Procedure in New Criminal Laws

The good of the people is the greatest law. — Cicero


Criminal law is the bedrock of a civilized society. It safeguards individuals and communities by defining acts that cause harm and outlining the consequences for such actions. In 2023, the parliament passed three new criminal laws namely The Bharatiya Nyaya Sanhita, 2023 (BNS), the Bharatiya Nagarik Suraksha Sanhita, 2023 (BNSS), and the Bharatiya Sakshya Bill, 2023 (BSB), to replace the Indian Penal Code, 1860 (IPC), the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 (CrPC), and the Indian Evidence Act, 1872 (IEA), respectively.  These Bills shall come effect from 1st July, 2024 and seek to modernise the current legal framework and overhaul the criminal justice system.   

In lieu of these reforms, Into Legal World presents this “Certificate Course on Practice and Procedure in New Criminal Laws” to equip students and legal professionals with a comprehensive understanding of the latest developments in criminal law. Further, this course isn't just about theory. We'll bridge the gap between legal principles and real-world application. By equipping you with practical skills and in-depth knowledge of new procedures, you'll be empowered to navigate the evolving legal landscape with confidence.



✓     To provide participants with a thorough understanding of the latest developments in criminal law.


✓     To impart detailed knowledge of the procedural aspects of criminal law, including filing procedures, trial processes, evidence handling, and appeals.


✓     To develop the analytical abilities of participants by engaging them in critical discussions and analysis of complex legal issues.


✓     To enable participants to effectively apply their knowledge in various legal contexts, ensuring they can competently handle criminal cases from investigation to resolution.

To be launched from 1st August 2024

Time frame: 6 Weeks.

Access to our high-quality SMART Notes essentially designed for the course.

Live classes: 5 days a week at 8 PM (Subject to change based on Availability)

Freelance project assistance.

Recorded Lectures: Available on ILW Institute App

  Fee: 5000/- INR

Early Bird Offer : ₹1200/- (for Registration till 15th July)


Module 1: Introduction to New Criminal Laws

  • Overview of the Bharatiya Nyaya Sanhita, 2023 (BNS), the Bharatiya Nagarik Suraksha Sanhita, 2023 (BNSS), and the Bharatiya Sakshya Adhiniyam, 2023 (BSA).

  • Objectives and rationale for the new laws

  • Implications of the legislative changes

  • Comparative analysis of the new laws with the old laws

      Module 2: The Bharatiya Nyaya Sanhita, 2023

  • Introduction, key provisions and changes in the law

  • Abetment, Criminal Conspiracy and Attempt

  • Offences against Women and Children

  • Offences against State, defence Services, Elections, Public Tranquility and Public Servants

  • Offences against the Human Body and Property

      Module 3: The Bharatiya Nagarik Suraksha Sanhita, 2023

  • FIRs, Arrest and Police Complaints

  • Cognizance and Commencement of Proceedings Before Magistrates

  • Charge Framing, Discharge and Protest Petition

  • Different Types of Trials

  • Plea Bargaining

  • General Provisions and Evidence in Inquiries and Trials

  • Judgment, Reference, Revision and Transfer

  • Criminal Appeals

  • Execution, Remission and Commutation of sentences

  • Introduction to Bail and Bail Procedure

      Module 4: The Bharatiya Sakshya Adhiniyam, 2023

  • Introduction and key provisions

  • Relevancy of Facts

  • Facts which need not be proved

  • Proof of Oral Evidence; of Documentary Evidence

  • Burden of Proof

  • Estoppel

  • Witnesses

       Module 5: Drafting Sessions

  • Drafting of Police Complaint

  • Drafting and Filing of Quashing Petition

  • Drafting of Charge Sheet

  • Drafting of Discharge Petition

  • Drafting of an application for maintenance of wives, children and parents

  • Drafting of an Affidavit

  • Drafting of Vakalatnama

  • Drafting & Filing of a bail application

  • Drafting & Filing of an anticipatory Bail

  • Drafting of Criminal Appeal

  • Drafting of Criminal Special Leave Petition

  • Drafting of a Criminal Writ

  • Drafting of an application under Parole & Furlough

Certificates provided with the Course


✓     Individuals pursuing a law degree or recent graduates looking to enhance their practical skills in the latest legal provisions.

✓     Junior and Mid-Level Legal Practitioners

✓      Paralegals and Legal Assistants

✓     Legal Educators and Academicians

✓     Anyone interested in pursuing this course.


Participants who successfully complete the course requirements, including assessments and assignments, will be awarded a certificate of completion in “Practice and Procedure in New Criminal Laws” issued by ILW Institute. This recognition of your efforts and achievements will not only enhance your professional profile but also demonstrate your commitment to industry best practices.


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