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We hope this mail has reached you in best of your health. In this emergency situation caused due to COVID 19 pandemic outbreak, we are making our efforts to break the chain of spread. In furtherance of same Into Legal World Office is closed till May 31st, as per the government guidelines. Since the printing press and the courier services are closed at this time, unfortunately we are unable to work on the magazine and deliver the same to you. To compensate, we will cover the reading material of month of March within the cover issue of April, making it a wholesome load of knowledge pack for you. Being our annual subscriber, all the earlier magazines are available for you on the website for free. Do visit the website and let us know your reviews on the same. If you are having any queries related to login and content display, feel free to contact. Your faith and support is extremely important to us and we assure you that all our services shall be resumed as early as possible. We all should make our efforts to stop the spread and disease. Keep yourself clean and hygienic. Avoid any external contact. We all are together in this fight!!